Manuka Blend - 70+ MGO

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A delicious amber Manuka Honey blend, from the pristine shores of Kapiti Island. Each jar has a tested MGO level of 70+. MGO is the main antibacterial sought after in Manuka Honey. That’s the equivalent of just under 5 UMF (a common Manuka Honey rating).


Please note: our honey is natural and may crystallize, especially during the autumn and winter months. This is completely normal and doesn't mean anything is wrong with the honey. If you don't love the crunch as much as we do, try gently heating the honey until it liquifies. 


    All of our honey is unblended, it comes from Kapiti Island, far from urban and industrial pollution and contaminants, weed-spray or anything that takes away from the natural goodness of New Zealand honey!


    We will happily accept unopened returns. If for some reason you change your mind about the purchase, let us know and we'll refund the purchase price less shipping.


    It's a bit of a swim from the island to the Post Office, so while we'll get your order to you as quickly as possible, we only send shipments out twice a week. Let us know if you have a honey emergency and need it sooner!


Wairoua Bay, Kapiti Island Wellington New Zealand

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